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Advanced Wafer Inspection Solution Launched

Wafer inspection is always a critical stage for quality assurance for wafer foundry, integrated device manufacturing (IDM), fabless, and outsourced semiconductor assembly & test (OSAT). Since semiconductor devices are continuously getting smaller and more complex, the requirement for wafer inspection has become more stringent to accommodate these changes. However, defects on the wafer may be overlooked and may pass through the final stages of fabrication and assembly if they are not eliminated or filtered out, which could be a costly mistake for the manufacturers. Consequently, this will lead to increasing demand for quality wafer production.

ViTrox aims to be the world’s most trusted technology company providing innovative, advanced, and cost-effective automated machine vision inspection solutions. It has now introduced the all-new Wi8i G2 PRO Wafer Vision Inspection Handler, which is designed to offer high flexibility in wafer handling, cover different semiconductor processes and high-accuracy inspection results to the users of the semiconductor market, and is also an expansion to the inspection capabilities of the company’s existing Wi8i G2 Wafer Vision Inspection Hander.

One Solution For Two Semiconductor Processes

The new Wi8i G2 PRO solution is enhanced with hardware and programming features to accommodate both bare wafers (pre-dicing process) and mounted wafers (post-dicing process) inspection requirements. This innovative configuration eliminates the need for hardware conversion on the wafer robot arm when inspecting these two wafer types of the same size, which is suitable for production involving both pre-and-post-dicing processes and/or having a high-mix-low-volume of bare and mounted wafers. The Wi8i G2 PRO is the ideal solution to deliver high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) which guarantees excellent wafer quality without any machine stoppage time.

Handles Up To 12” Wafers

Based on the current market trend, there is a demand for wafer inspection equipment to cater to larger wafers due to the increasing number of chip-related productions. To address this, the Wi8i G2 PRO offers a significant enhancement in catering to a new type of wafer carrier box, Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP) which is particularly important to users with such production practice to accommodate 12 inches of bare wafer transferring. Nowadays, FOUPs are the preferred carrier boxes to handle raw water because FOUPs offer a sealed wafer environment that provides static protection, white-light shielding, and control of moisture and oxygen. Today’s FOUPs not only address particles, but also minimise and control volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxygen, and relative humidity. Any of these potential contamination sources can negatively impact device yield. Alternatively, should the user need to handle framed wafers, they can opt for a metal cassette instead. The load port design accommodates both 8 inches and 12 inches of metal cassettes on the load ports, which translates to cost-effectiveness on different-sized wafer inspections.

Robust Wafer Inspection With Advanced Vision Optics

Wi8i G2 PRO is not only equipped with robust vision optics that provides high-quality image under different magnification lenses but also integrates an advanced deep-learning algorithm in defect detection and determining the defect types.  When a user’s wafer has a complex circuit design and/or is required to inspect different defect types at different regions, this algorithm is the perfect solution for enhancing the accuracy of defect detection.

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