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Zygo Chief Scientist Nominated As Candidate For President of SPIE

Peter de Groot, Chief Scientist at Zygo Corporation, has been nominated as a candidate for 2023 vice president of SPIE— the International Society for Optics and Photonics. The newly elected vice president will serve as president-elect in 2024 and president of the Society in 2025.

SPIE was founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies, and today has a membership of 19,000 and serves 255,000 constituents from 183 countries. Peter currently serves the SPIE as Chair of the Symposia Committee, member of the Financial Advisory and Strategic Planning Committees, advisor to the Board of Directors, associate editor of Optical Engineering, professional short course instructor, author, and conference organizer.

Peter has experience in both industrial and academic environments as a Physics PhD specializing in applied optics. He has published 200 technical papers, tutorials, and book chapters in the fields of physics, optical testing, surface structure analysis, semiconductor wafer process metrology, stage motion measurement, and large-scale coordinate measurement. His research has led to a wide range of commercial products and product enhancements, as well as 140 US patents. He joined Zygo Corporation in 1992 as Director of R&D, and together with a team of pioneers in optical metrology, photonics, and new product design, has been developing best-in-class optical metrology tools helping to drive the excellence in manufacturing across the globe.

Peter comments: “It is an exciting time to be in Optics and Photonics, technologies that are experiencing rapid growth with a positive impact on people’s lives. For many scientists and engineers, SPIE is a focal point of their careers, providing a forum to gather and share ideas, and for building a network of international friends and colleagues. I urge all members to participate in the election of Directors and Officers of the Society.

The 2022 election opens 27 June and closes 12 August. The election results will be announced in August at the Annual General Meeting of the Society in San Diego.

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