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ZEISS Showcasing Wider Range of Quality Solutions in Different Pavilions at IMTS

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions has increased the floor space at its main booth and added new locations to display inspection solutions that extend across several industries, working to master quality together with customers. The technology solutions will be featured in four different booths, in three different areas of IMTS, including the Quality and Additive Pavilions, and the Smartforce Student Summit. Attendees can experience a wide array of technologies in person: industrial microscopes, CT X-ray machines, CMMs and optical systems, non-contact 3D devices, automated car body systems, and surface and special geometry instruments. In addition to the IMTS Conference session on Monday, September 12, visitors can listen to several daily software presentations in the main quality booth, #135502.

Quality Assurance Pavilion, East Building Level 3

At the main booth, #135502 in the Quality Pavilion, ZEISS will present technologies and application highlights in the areas of ZEISS eMobility Solutions, ZEISS Medical Industry Solutions, ZEISS Aerospace Solutions, and more. Software is a key focus, with a large stage and seating area covering several topics. Customers can stop by, have a coffee and attend one of several presentations. For the daily software topics and more, visit: ZEISS at IMTS 2022

Down from the main booth, CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company, is located at #135527. They are the leading provider of innovative GOM 3D digitizing solutions in the United States. Attendees can see first-hand how their solutions rapidly solve engineering issues, prevent future problems, eliminate iterations, reduce costs and improve quality.

Additive Manufacturing Pavilion, West Building Level 3

At booth #433231 visitors can see up close, ZEISS additive manufacturing inspection solutions, including inspection verification. With this unique holistic inspection process for 3D manufacturing, the concentrated competence of all ZEISS technologies is applied. This integrated process brings the most reliable knowledge and thus certainty about the reliability of 3D parts.

Smartforce Student Summit, North Building Level 1

Teachers and students can stop by the ZEISS Academic booth, #215400 to see ZEISS and CAPTURE 3D solutions for academia. They can talk to the team to see how ZEISS can support their metrology program and try out ZEISS machines in person.

IMTS Conference Session, West Building – W192-A

“Overcoming the Challenges of New Designs, New Materials, and New Printers with X-ray CT” by Curtis Frederick, Additive Manufacturing Application Scientist at ZEISS, on Monday, September 12 at 3:15 PM – 4:10 PM Central. To learn more, visit ZEISS IMTS Conference Session

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