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ZEISS Introduce Compact and Robust VoluMax 9 Titan Computed Tomography System

The ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is a 450 kV computed tomography system that blends compact design with robust performance. This easy-to-use machine enables sharp X-ray scans of large and dense parts such as battery modules for quick and precise quality assurance.

While many products on the market in this class can easily take up an entire room, this 2,750 x 2,350 x 1,750 mm system “is very compact and fits perfectly in every quality lab or at-line environment,” notes Petra Schmidt, Head of Field of Business X-ray at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions. “There is no single comparable solution on the market that has such a small footprint.”

As Albert Mo from the ZEISS Battery Competence Center in Shanghai observes, “We need high power and voltage to penetrate large modules and obtain accurate results within a reasonable cycle time” – and despite its compact dimensions, ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan packs quite a punch. Unleashing 1,500 W of power and featuring a 3k detector for guaranteed high-resolution scans, it boasts the necessary muscle for handling entire battery modules.

The wide double sliding doors, automatic axis positioning for convenient loading, and control console integrated into the system cabinet promote ergonomic operation, user safety, and the processing of parts up to 590 x 700 mm in size. Such productivity gains naturally ensure a swift return on investment, which Petra Schmidt believes is key to the core values of the system: “Titan stands for strength, power, resilience and robustness. This is exactly what our product delivers.”

Not only are the mover and generator produced in-house by ZEISS, the company also offers a holistic service package to support customers every step of the way. Its hardware and software services help keep the maintenance requirement low while native-speaker service teams are also on hand to provide speedy assistance in over two dozen countries.

Albert Mo sums up what is at stake in the sector: “Since the battery is the core part of every new energy vehicle (NEV), its quality assurance is no longer optional – it’s a must.” And with the remarkably compact yet robust ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan, manufacturers can rest assured that they are consistently delivering the quality and safety their customers demand.

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