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ZEISS Announce #measuringhero 2021 Award Winners

Zeiss has announced the winners of its 2021 #measuringhero Awards. Applications from 28 countries were received exhibiting fascinating experiences from the field of quality assurance and personal connections to ZEISS.

The expert jury, which included Metrology News Publishing Editor Keith Mills, voted for entries of the ZEISS #measuringhero Award 2021 to determine the winners which were announced as follows – the winners coming from 8 different country for the 8 designated award categories.

Customer Loyalty Reward – Kaveh Zolfagari Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd, Canada

Kaveh Zolfagari from Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd in Canada has been working with ZEISS coordinate measuring machines since 2008. Today, there are over 30 ZEISS CMMs in his facility. What overwhelmed the jury was Kaveh’s journey as a #measuringhero: he started out by creating simple programs with models, then moved on to creating parametric programs, and finally created what he calls the ‘Programming Wizard’ – his own interactive, in-program programming tool. The jury were fascinated by his story and dedication and appreciate the insight into his daily life in quality assurance.

Efficient Measurement – Individual Component – Satish Hake Helvoet Rubber & Plastics Technologies Pvt. Limited, India

With 450 data points, 65 features, a volume of 700 mm³ and a measurement time of only 190 seconds, Satish Hake from Helvoet Rubber & Plastics Technologies (India) Pvt. Limited has successfully managed to achieve the highest efficient measurement score. He measured an ABS system component that is responsible for fluid passing and maintaining brake functions. Using his two ZEISS CONTURAs, he obtained results with a reproducibility of less than 0.30 microns, proving his skills as a #measuringhero.

Efficient Measurement Process Set-up – Peter Praet BMT Aerospace Belgium, Belgium

BMT Aerospace Belgium is currently working on a CMM project consisting of a ZEISS ACCURA II with a ZEISS VAST-XTR probe, fully integrated in an automated cell with conveyors, a vertical lift shuttle system and a loading and unloading station. With this project, the company was able to decrease the total measuring time per component drastically to half of the original time, to reduce administration work significantly and to lower the reject rate by 50-80 % over the last two years. With his amazing contribution, Peter Praet inspired the jury securing their votes.

Perfect Measuring Room – Christian Höfer AVL List GmbH, Austria

Together with ZEISS IMT Austria, Christian from AVL List GmbH managed to develop a precision measuring room according to VDI/VDE 2627. The main challenge was the design of the air conditioning technology to achieve the required temperature stability. His perfect measuring room manages to achieve fluctuations in the range +-0.1°C and +-1% humidity with an efficient room air conditioning concept with access through airlock and generous design of the room volume and technology. Thanks to his ZEISS PRISMO, his perfect environment, and the preconditioning of the components to be measured all in the same room, he achieves highly accurate and reproducible measurement results. Christian fascinated the jury with his story and his impressive measuring room and was thus able to successfully prevail over other participants in this category.

Creative Fixturing – Fabrizio Funassi Brawo S.p.A., Italy

Fabrizio Funassi and his team from Brawo S.p.A. have developed a fixturing system which consists of an elastic part manufactured in the 3D printer. With the help of this fixturing system, three parts can be arranged at regular intervals, measured, and monitored through a statistical analysis. The jury was impressed by Fabrizio’s creativity and by the efficiency and practicality of his fixturing system making him a true #measuringhero!

Most Exotic Particle Image – Andreas Kopp University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Materials Research Aalen, Germany

The surface of an anode from a lithium-ion battery can be seen in the particle image taken by Andreas from the University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Materials Research in Aalen. “Since the battery cells have to be opened for the investigations, side reactions of the electrolyte can occur. This can precipitate fluorides. The fluorides crystallize in an ion lattice in a cubic crystal system… or form a Borg cube,” he says about his image, which was taken with the ZEISS Crossbeam 550.

Smoothest Surface – Nobby Assmann Assmann Verspaningstechniek VOF, Netherlands

With an Ra-value of 0.00054 µm (0.02 µin) and an Rz-value of 0.0031 µm (0.12 µin), Nobby from Assmann Verspaningstechniek VOF has measured the smoothest surface of all participants. His smoothest surface is a little disc made of hardened steel used for testing coatings, with a diameter of 16 and a thickness of 3 millimeters. “I love measuring. Lapping and polishing is another passion of mine. Making a dull piece of steel shine like a mirror is very addictive!”, he says. The disc was measured optically with a ZEISS LSM in the ZEISS Quality Excellence Center in the Netherlands. Nobby has now become a two-time #measuringhero.

Fascinating X-perience – Skander Mourali Valeo Tunisie, Tunisia

Performing scans, calibrations and verifications on a ZEISS METROTOM 6 as well as inspections and R&R studies in the GOM Inspect software are part of Skander Mourali’s daily tasks in quality assurance at Valeo Tunisie. He has also developed a program for calibrating balls in GOM Inspect. The award recognizes him for his significant work in quality assurance and an insight into his everyday life as a #measuringhero.

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