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Zebra Technologies Launches Advanced Tier Machine Vision Specialization for Partners

Zebra Technologies Corporation has announced it has launched a new Advanced Tier of its Machine Vision Specialization program for industrial automation and machine vision specialization partners globally.

The new Advanced Tier of the Machine Vision Specialization gives partners access to Zebra’s more advanced machine vision portfolio including new highly specialized products and solutions through the acquisition of Matrox Imaging. Machine vision specialization partners will also have access to some additional features of Zebra’s Aurora software.

The new tier reflects the aspirations and needs of Zebra’s manufacturing and warehousing customers seeking advanced solutions in automation and quality control. With access to the advanced machine vision portfolio, partners can now work with Zebra to help their manufacturing and warehousing customers drive greater efficiency and productivity with leading-edge machine vision solutions.

“Manufacturing and warehouse operators deeply value a partner with the experience, business insight and technology expertise to enable them to overcome their industrial imaging challenges,” said Allan Anderson, Managing Director, Clearview, a Matrox Imaging partner and one of the first to join Zebra’s new Advanced Tier. “Together with Zebra, we are well-positioned to continue to serve as a trusted solutions provider that our customers can rely on as they increasingly leverage automation to help them compete and win in today’s on-demand economy.”

Zebra has also created specially designed learning pathways including resources from Matrox Imaging’s Vision Academy for existing and new partners so they are fully conversant with the portfolio and supported by a new, dedicated machine vision and fixed industrial scanning learning team.

“With the increased pace of production and delivery, supply chains are more complex than ever before, and the volume, velocity and variety of data required to optimize them continues to expand,” said Donato Montanari, General Manager and Vice President, Machine Vision, Zebra Technologies. “Through the new Advanced Tier, the most advanced imaging technologies such as 3D sensors, frame grabbers, Matrox Imaging Library, and Matrox vision controllers with embedded PC technology are now available for our advanced tier partners to help address these challenges for end users around the world.”

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