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Yxlon sets a new benchmark in Computed Tomography

YXLON International has introduced a new computed tomography system to the global market. With its compact and durable design, the YXLON UX50 has been developed especially for the production environment, with a specific focus on the automotive and foundry industry.

The system is ideally suited for testing components of traditional drive technology as well as the growing e-mobility with its particular requirements. With an output of 450 kV, the UX50 is suitable for testing dense and large components and offers maximum flexibility attributed to the selectable equipment of both flat-panel and/or line detectors. Regardless of the application, extensive CT techniques and image enhancement tools ensure optimal results in three-dimensional analyses.

The new ScatterFix 2.0 reduces interfering scattered radiation for particularly massive test parts in all CT techniques with the flat-panel detector and ensures optimum surface determination and high-quality CT data. UX50 also supports fast 2D DR inspections, using the proven HDR filter to provide high-contrast, detailed fluoroscopic images for accurate evaluation.

As with all newly released Yxlon inspection systems, UX50 is based on the user-friendly Geminy software platform. Simple operation via graphical icons, supported by various presets, menus, wizards, and automatic sequences, enables inspectors with different levels of knowledge in X-ray technology to always get the best results and increase efficiency. Future developments of Geminy will become available for the UX50 as upgrades.

With the user in mind, ergonomic considerations were a crucial part of the design and development of the UX series. The height-adjustable control panel on the system is clearly arranged with joysticks and pushbuttons even allowing for correct operation when wearing gloves. Console extension on the left or the right side allows for convenient mouse operation. Additionally, camera monitoring of the interior, an indicator of the X-ray beam by a fan-beam laser, and the safe control of the inspection part manipulator with the door open via pushbuttons on the outer wall of the cabinet are all designed to enhance the user experience.

Future upgradeability has been planned to ensure investment security by allowing for a single detector system, be it line- or flat-panel, to be configured to a dual detector system if the need arises.

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