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XXL-Sized Precision Gantry CMM Loading System

LOSYCO has expanded its range of services for heavy-duty production logistics: the intra-logistics specialist now also designs and installs customer-specific feeding systems for setup areas and material loading. The new solutions based on the LOXrail floor rail system allow for precise positioning of bulky parts and heavy materials on motor-driven or manually operated platforms with payloads of several tons.

The system allows for fully automatic material feeding through interfacing with the plant control system. Applications that demand increased precision, such as measuring portals, laser cutting systems or welding cells or can be equipped with leveling points and limit switches for maximum repeatability. The manufacturer adapts the rail layout to the individual plant or production line for optimal use of space with a large loading capacity. Optionally, rotating platforms, crossings and changes of direction can be implemented for better accessibility of semi-finished products.

For high throughput in limited space, the manufacturer can also design special upper and lower carriages with different loading heights and track widths in order to transport raw materials and finished parts independently of each other on the same line.

LOSYCO’s scalable feeding systems enable tailor-made solutions for on-point material provision and safe loading and unloading of heavy and large-format workpieces. The floor-level rails pose no obstacles for employees or pallet jacks.

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