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XRF Measurement System Provides Multi-Use Flexibility and Precision

Quality departments and contract shops that test many different plated parts need an XRF analyzer with an expansive measurement area, selectable spot sizes, and high levels of both precision and speed. The Bowman’s K Series XRF meets all of these requirements Bowman’s K as a robust system built and backed by the technology leader in XRF analysis representing the 9th XRF in the Bowman benchtop portfolio. It has a 12″ (305 mm) x 12″ (305 mm) measurable area for parts up to 9″ (229 mm) tall. Selectable spot sizes accommodate a wide range of features; focal distances are from .25″ to 3.5″ (6.35 mm to 88.9 mm)

A cantilever door design gives operators easy access; a servo motor-driven programmable stage streamlines sample positioning. Table-view functionality images the entire measurable area and allows the operator to navigate to any location with a single click.

The standard K Series configuration includes a 4-position multi-collimator. Variable focus simplifies measurements in recessed areas. Programs can use pattern matching and automatic focus for the most precise measurements. As with all Bowman XRF systems, the K Series features a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) and long-life micro focus X-ray tube. It is ideally suited for the analysis of metals from aluminum through uranium (13-92 on the periodic table) and for the testing of printed circuit boards, wafers, connectors, electronic components, and precious metals on jewelry, upscale hardware, and other decorative objects.

The K Series is the 9th XRF in the Bowman benchtop portfolio. Like the other eight systems, K Series instruments simultaneously measure up to 5 layers (base plus four plated layers), with 10 elements in each layer.

To quantify plated thickness from the detected photons, K Series systems run Bowman’s Archer software. A unique Graphical User Interface makes this advanced, proven software easy to use, highly intuitive, and visually ergonomic. Archer generates customizable Excel reports with no MS Office required, and unlike competitive platforms, there is no need to install a software plug-in to export data to customer ERP systems.

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