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Xeryon Launches World’s Smallest Precision Actuator

Xeryon has announce the launch of their mini linear actuator, the XLA 1 is based on ultrasonic piezo technology.

With their release of the XLA 1, Xeryon offers another precision motion product to its customers. Due to its size (22,7 x 14,8 x 5,4 mm) it can be used in even the smallest applications. As with all Xeryon’s products this actuator will be extremely useful in applications such as imaging, space, and metrology.

Due to years of research and the development of the Crossfixx patent, Xeryon’s engineers are able to use an ultrasonic piezo motor within this actuator. This allows for speed up to 1000 mm/s and precision levels up to 78 nanometers! Dependent on the application, the travel range can be changed from 5 mm to 185 mm and the lifetime of this actuator is well over 100 km.

For some applications this actuator will need to pack a punch. Therefore Xeryon designed a second XLA 3 actuator. Although slightly larger than the XLA 1, with its 3 Newton motor this actuator can move a much larger payload with the same precision, speed and lifetime.

Both actuators can be customized depending on the needs of the customer.

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