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X-Ray System Maximizes Product Quality and Development at Spectrum Brands

Spectrum Brands theme is: “WE MAKE LIVING BETTER AT HOME”, and in order to walk that path they are committed at every level to producing top quality products that bring innovation, trust and satisfaction to every household where their products are welcomed. Recently, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer Giovanni Gonzalez (left) took the time to explain how Spectrum Brands is investing in advanced tools to help maximize product quality:

One of the layers for embracing and living up to the theme is the commitment of Spectrum Brands to have cutting edge technology and equipment that can be utilized for research, development and control of quality before components and products are made on a large scale, and before products reach the hands of our valuable customers. To that end, Spectrum recently invested and acquired a state-of-the-art X-ray system that is capable of producing high-definition images showing intricate product details with incredibly sharp precision.

“The X-ray system was built by Lake X-ray, and it is clear that they use top-notch high-quality components, and that they pay attention to every little detail. One of the most important components of the X-Ray system is the DÜRR NDT high-resolution flat panel detector DRA 3543 NDT. This detector, along with DÜRR’s D-Tect X software, is responsible for capturing the high-resolution images we demand. Simple but powerful tools in the software enable images to be manipulated so that the intricate details we are interested in can be clearly identified and precisely measured. The sophistication and advanced technology of this equipment allow us to check internal components without the need for sectioning or dismantling our products, and without compromising critical details” states Giovanni Gonzalez.

“The displayed images clearly show the details that would otherwise be impossible to detect. Overall the system has helped to improve both quality and innovation at Spectrum.” comments Giovanni. “We are also very pleased with the technical support and commitment from Lake X-Ray and DÜRR NDT as they have proved to be there for us every step of the way.”

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