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X-Ray Digital Twin For Computed Tomography Systems Launched

North Star Imaging has announced the release of its latest software technology, efX-Sim, for industrial digital radiography and computed tomography X-ray imaging.

efX-Sim simulates standard North Star Imaging DR and CT systems which enables X-ray equipment operators to develop techniques and motion programs without having to use a physical X-ray system. Importing CAD files or CT scan data is simple and provides the ability to see how your parts will interact with X-rays.

efX-Sim interactive part and system simulation

efX-SIM uses a sophisticated X-ray algorithm that simulates how a polychromatic X-ray beam interacts with parts, alloys, and even multiple materials at once. This algorithm is GPU-accelerated, allowing the simulation to be run interactively. This means that any change to the system or parts being simulated will update the final detector image immediately, without the significant delay associated with non-interactive simulations.

Techniques and motion programs that are created in efX-Sim can be imported into the original system. Part position and orientation can even be exported to an STL file to develop 3D printable physical fixtures. Training new system operators on a digital twin is simple, risk-free, and frees up your system for other tasks.

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