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What Are The Current Technology Trends In Quality Assurance?

As an industry highlight, the Control international trade fair for quality assurance is listed in the events agenda from the 9th through the 12th of May, 2023. Forward-looking further developments in the fields of vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology, will be showcased.

ZEISS conceives coordinate measuring machines as instruments integrated into the manufacturing process. In order to ensure that they don’t turn into QA bottlenecks, despite increasing production rates, ZEISS is constantly improving the performance of its solutions.

The Control trade fair team spoke with Dr. Marc Wawerla, Head of ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions and President & CEO of Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH, about metrology, quality assurance and the personal exchange of expertise.

Q: How important is the Control international trade fair for quality assurance for your company?

A: Control is an important, major, international trade fair for ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions.

Q: What do you like most about Control?

A: Control is a trade fair that brings quality assurance professionals together with suppliers of technologies and solutions covering all aspects of quality. We especially value the interaction with quality managers, engineers and manufacturing specialists.

Q: What are the current technology trends in quality assurance?

A: We see a significant trend in the digital transformation process, which we can help to shape with our broad portfolio of X-ray systems, optical 3D systems, measuring instruments for faster tactile measurement and ZEISS quality software. The greatest impact for companies will come from consistent digital mapping of processes, infrastructure and components, because these are the virtual worlds that serve as a basis for forecasting and optimization. This makes it possible for companies to track down quality problems and their causes more quickly.

Q: Which current QA highlight from your company would you like to mention here?

A: Highlights from our company include our application solutions for new energy vehicles, electronics, aerospace and healthcare. ZEISS’ comprehensive hardware and software portfolio, coupled with process know-how, supports our customers in meeting new challenges. This allows us to emphasise our claim as an innovation driver and preferred partner for our customers.

Q: To what extent do modern QA measures help to cope with production challenges such as efficiency, the conservation of resources and sustainability?

A: As a rule, more efficient products require tighter tolerances. Compliance with these tolerances is only possible with appropriate measuring technology and QA procedures.

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