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Wenzel Unveil New Gear Inspection Machine Series

The WENZEL Group has unveiled the latest addition to its measuring product portfolio with the launch of a new generation series of gear inspection machines.

The new GT series is based on Wenzel’s successful tradition in the development and production of specialized gear measuring machines. The new machine series feature improvement to many critical machine details. The new GT series now operates with the standard WPC CMM controller and uses a completely new gear measurement software developed by WENZEL. With the GT series WENZEL sets new standards in gear measurement technology.

The GT series offers the measuring solution for gears and rotationally symmetrical components from the automotive industry, including toothed workpieces and shafts used in commercial vehicles, railroad transmissions, construction and agricultural machinery and the measurement of marine gears.

For easy loading of the gear measuring machine GT series are equipped with a counter holder allowing diameters of up to 1,200 mm to be measured. Standard gears can be measured precisely up to a diameter of 1,600 mm.

The WENZEL GT 300 model has been especially developed for the measurement and analysis of smaller gears and rotational symmetrical parts from the automotive industry. Optionally the GT 300 can be equipped with a tailstock for measurements between centers.

The WENZEL GT 450 gear measuring machine is focussed to aerospace, automotive and their supplier industries and allows the precise analysis of gears and rotationally symmetrical parts up to a diameter of 450 mm. Equipped with a tailstock, shafts with a maximum length of 650, 900 or 1200 mm can be measured.

The larger GT 650, GT 900 and GT 1200 models accommodate the larger gear measurement applications. The GT900 and GT1200 models feature a movable tailstock for easy heavy part loading and come equipped with active vibration damping allowing their directly in a production environment.

The small footprint machine range offer air bearings in all axes, granite baseplate and protected granite linear guide-ways which together, with high-resolution scales, the machines offer the highest measurement precision.

Pneumatic or hydraulic rotary table are supplied based upon GT model.

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