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Waygate Technologies Receives Company of the Year Award for Industrial CT

Waygate Technologies has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Company of the Year Award for industrial computed tomography (CT). This is the fourth time Frost & Sullivan has honored Waygate Technologies with a Best Practices Award for global leadership and pioneering solutions in this segment. The independent international market research and consulting firm helps companies improve products and services and align themselves even more closely with future market requirements and customer benefits.

The Company of the Year Award assesses the performance of companies against clearly defined criteria – including ‘groundbreaking innovation and performance’ as well as ‘customer focus’. Based on independent interviews and secondary industry research, best practices are identified, and participants’ performances are evaluated to determine the winners.

In the citation for this year’s award, the jury states, “Waygate Technologies is surpassing its previous achievements by setting new standards and bringing accelerated growth opportunities to the industrial CT systems market. Waygate Technologies places the success of its customers at the center of its product development activities. This is reflected in the company’s continued introduction of innovative features that improve image resolution, increase speeds and reduce downtime.”

Customer Is The Focus

Downtime in production or operations due to quality issues is very costly, any delay in defect detection can lead to high scrap rates,” explains Dionys van de Ven, Executive Business Leader Industrial X-Ray Solutions, Waygate Technologies. “This is where Waygate Technologies aims to help its customers through continuous innovation. One of our central goals is to increase our customers’ productivity and reduce quality related downtime by real time X-ray inspection supported by AI predictive engines.”

With the largest product offering in the field of non-destructive testing, Waygate Technologies helps its customers drive their digital transformation, increase productivity, and ensure safety and quality. This is also demonstrated by the latest additions to the Phoenix X-ray and CT systems portfolio, as Frost & Sullivan highlighted in its award report.

Solutions Revealing Trendsetting Speed, Precision and New Standards

For example, this year, Waygate Technologies launched the Phoenix Power|scan HE, the industry’s fastest high-energy CT scanner for industrial inspection of large complex components. The high-resolution, 9 mega electron volts (MeV) high-energy CT scanner uses state-of-the-art technologies to scan complex parts and assemblies up to 1,000 kg and two meters in size with unmatched speed, precision and penetration power. The system is designed for a diverse range of applications in the automotive and battery industries, as well as in the aerospace, defense and medical sectors.

The Phoenix Speed|scan HD meanwhile sets new standards for the use of industrial CT systems in the production line. With the fully automated inline micro CT inspection solution, high-resolution 3D inspection has found its way directly into production. The system combines a high degree of automation for inline use with particularly high resolution and high throughput, thus enabling the inspection of large quantities with continuous system utilization. With major advantages for the customer: reduced production waste, less operating effort, and lower costs for quality control. The system is particularly suitable for the growing inspection requirements in the electronics and automotive industries as well as in medical technology, battery production and 3D printing.

Next to these CT systems, the company’s inspection data management platform InspectionWorks was recognized as a tool that propels Waygate Technologies ahead of the market. It allows customers to maximize insights gained through inspections by acquiring, analyzing and then acting on this data.

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