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Vuforia Step Check Brings AI-Enhanced Visual Inspection to Manufacturing

Vuforia has introduced PTC’s new, AI-enhanced Step Check visual inspection solution. Step Check focuses on one of the most important stages of the manufacturing process: visual inspection for quality control. In other words, the part of the process where frontline workers determine if a part, component, or full product is manufactured or assembled correctly and in working order. Traditionally, these inspections are done with the naked eye and paper-based documentation, which puts added pressure on workers to make decisions quickly and runs the risk of mistakes and rework.

Step Check makes inspections more efficient and lessens the potential for mistakes by combining augmented reality and AI. Step Check guides workers through inspection tasks with context-aware, step-by-step AR work instructions that are overlaid on the physical part or product. As this is happening, the underlying AI can detect improper assemblies, missing or misaligned parts, or related faults. Color-coded pass/fail graphics displayed on the part or product in real time inform workers if an inspection step has passed or failed. Step Check automatically documents the inspection results and provides dashboards to analyze the performed checks.

Step Check’s AI model is trained in two ways. First, with the initial setup using 3D CAD models of the parts, components, or products being inspected. Second, workers can train the model directly with examples of pass and fail states. As Step Check is used, the AI models learn from workers’ decisions and improve over time. Vuforia’s computer vision capabilities allow Step Check to recognize things not contained in 3D CAD models, such as product-specific decals, stickers, or labels.

Step Check is part of Vuforia Expert Capture, PTC’s SaaS AR solution providing an easy-to-learn and collaborative environment to capture expert knowledge on-the-job and create AI-enhanced visual inspections.

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