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Visometry Celebrates Fifth Year In Business Since Fraunhofer Spin-Out

As a Fraunhofer spin-off, the tech start-up has specialized in augmented reality (AR) solutions for industrial applications since 2017

With the VisionLib engine, the Visometry team offers AR tracking that has been tried and tested worldwide. With Twyn, the company has also developed a turnkey solution for visual quality inspection that not only makes inspections more flexible with the help of digital twins and augmented reality, but also significantly speeds up inspection processes. At the international trade fair Control for quality assurance from May 9th to 12th, 2023, Visometry will present the latest AR functions of its award-winning solution.

The Visometry company has its origins in the Fraunhofer Institute for Graphic Data Processing (IGD) where the founders researched innovative AR tracking methods for more than ten years and developed the basis of today’s VisionLib engine for reliable and stable object recognition.

Starting from the core technology, today a team of passionate XR developers and experienced business experts develops and markets image processing solutions for industrial AR applications. With its products, it focuses on quality assurance in the manufacturing industry with the aim of significantly reducing testing and follow-up costs.

In the short period of its existence, Visometry has built up a large customer base: Numerous companies, developers and AR/XR service providers trust in the AR expertise of the Darmstadt team for applications in production, quality control, marketing and communication.

VisionLib: Globally Established Software For Numerous AR Applications

The start-up’s core product is the VisionLib engine, which forms the basis for a large number of AR applications that require powerful object recognition and precise object tracking. Based on model-based tracking technologies, CAD data is registered in real time on objects captured in camera images. What is special about it is, on the one hand, the reliable object recognition, even in low-light and dynamic environments, and, on the other hand, the accuracy that enables precise augmentation of CAD data.

The VisionLib engine is now used by more than 250 customers worldwide, including Volkswagen, Daimler, Porsche, SAP and Siemens. It is used for AR apps and XR services in production, maintenance and quality assurance to increase productivity and ensure high quality with low inspection costs.

Twyn: Turnkey Solution For Quality Inspection

With Twyn, Visometry has also been offering a turnkey solution for visual quality inspection for two years. The award-winning product is characterized by the high degree of innovation and the simple operation via tablet: The mobile inspection system uses AR for a flexible and highly efficient quality inspection of components or entire assemblies. Through a tablet camera, Twyn automatically locates, registers and tracks inspection parts in real time right where parts are produced or stored. A digital twin is then superimposed directly onto the object using CAD data and AR. Deviations from target and actual states are thus immediately visible.

Twyn is used in a wide variety of areas and industries: These include, among other things, the inspection of incoming and outgoing goods as well as the construction status inspection in machine, plant, automobile and aircraft construction as well as in the manufacture of agricultural machinery.

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