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Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

The IV3 series of vision sensors with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) from Keyence provides flexibility for mistake and error-proofing in manufacturing.

All settings, including illumination intensity, flash method, and exposure time, are automatically configured by the AI. The ideal imaging conditions can be derived for any environment or target conditions to ensure stable detection. The AI generates the optimum detection image with crisp edges, no glare, and no crushed blacks.

The built-in AI detects even slight differences to automatically configure the optimal detection settings. Because detection is based on target characteristics, stability can be ensured with no adverse effects from ambient light, individual product variations, or surface conditions.

The sensor systems allow for automatic configuration of imaging and detection settings, with the built-in camera, lens, and illumination eliminating the need to select these devices. Immediate finalization of detection results are provided without adverse effects from ambient light. The sensor automatically determines imaging conditions and detection conditions with its AI specifically designed for presence and difference checking. Setting operations are performed using a small amplifier with a built-in high-performance CPU, eliminating the need for a separate high-performance PC.

The ultra-compact head supports an extensive range of installation distances from 50 to 2000 mm, and the 1822 × 1364-mm maximum field of view allows for detections from extremely wide angles. Applications include automatic and semi-automatic assembly processes and robotic assembly processes.

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