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Vision Engineering Receives Ergonomics Award

The 2021 IGR Ergonomics Innovation Prize has been awarded to microscope manufacturer Vision Engineering. For the third time, the jurors of the IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics have come together to choose the winners of the “Ergonomics Innovation Prize 2021” from a wide variety of companies that stand for the variety of fields of application of modern ergonomics.

With this award, the IGR Institute aims to sensitize companies and organizations to the subject of ergonomics, to promote ergonomic product development and workplace design, and to offer orientation aids for the procurement of high-quality ergonomic products and services.

Vision Engineering develops and manufactures modern optical and digital microscopes, inspection and measuring systems. The eyepiece-free, ergonomic advantages of these products were decisive for the award of the ergonomics innovation prize to Vision Engineering.

The concept of eyepiece-less microscopy is based on the technologies “Dynascope“, “Expanded-Pupil” and “TriTeQ³“. These technologies enable eyepiece-free microscopy, i.e. no eyepieces are built in as with conventional microscopes and the user therefore enjoys a pleasant and ergonomic way of working in front of the system without bringing his eyes directly into contact with the eyepieces. The improved peripheral vision enables the user to coordinate their hands in a natural way. Hand-eye coordination is essential for rework, repair, manipulation, preparation and other applications in order to ensure the precision and mobility of tools and objects.

Vision Engineering always strives to enable the user to work in an ergonomic way that is as comfortable as possible and thus to increase productivity. Optical and digital innovations, ergonomic design and the optimization of the user’s work performance are the cornerstones of the entrepreneurial DNA.

“Our concept of eyepiece-free microscopy hits the nerve of the times, also with regard to innovative and sustainable workplace design using ergonomic products and solutions. That is why we are particularly pleased to have been awarded the Ergonomics Innovation Prize 2021“ commented Stefan Summer of Vision Engineering..

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