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Vision Engineering and Zeiss Collaborate to Produce DeepFocus 1 Microscope

Vision Engineering has announced that it is partnering with Zeiss Industrial Metrology to add an extended depth of focus inspection system to its range of microscopy systems for the first time.

The new DeepFocus 1 system represents a significant collaboration between two of the world’s leading microscope innovators. DeepFocus 1 combines Vision Engineering’s technical and design expertise with ZEISS’ new Visioner 1 long depth of focus digital microscope head.

DeepFocus 1, featuring MALS™ Technology, delivers live, real-time extended depth of focus imaging with depth of focus up to 100x greater than that of a conventional microscope, which removes the need for time consuming post imaging focus stacking by delivering ‘all-in-focus’ images instantly to a depth of up to 69mm.

Using a micro-mirror array lens system (MALS) enables DeepFocus 1 to generate ‘virtual’ lenses with distinctly different curvatures, thus focus planes. This is achieved by changing the orientation of each individual micro-mirror in an orchestrated way. Re-shaping the curvature of this “virtual” lens at speed enables ultra-fast focusing and real-time all-in focus imaging and documentation.

Three viewing options aid understanding of the subject being inspected.

Extended Depth of Focus (EDoF) view shows the top down view of the subject with all details in focus. Height-map view displays height data from the subject aiding visualisation of monochromatic samples and understanding of height. Topographic view shows a simulated 3D visualisation of the subject which can be rotated and manipulated.

The microscope system offers:

– Up to 100x more usable Extended Depth of Field

– Allows for subject height differences of up to 69mm

– No need for Z-stacking or re-focusing

– Measurement overlays with tolerance warning

– X, Y and Z axis data saved with image volume

– Customisable workbenches for different inspection routines

Both Vision Engineering and ZEISS Industrial Microscopy are well known manufacturers in their respective markets and the collaboration will allow both companies to extend their coverage of the global inspection market.  Paul Newbatt, Vision Engineering’s Group Sales and Marketing Director said “We are delighted to partner with ZEISS in adding DeepFocus 1 to our growing innovative microscopy product range, which further cements our position as a leading microscopy solutions provider in the electronics, and precision engineering sectors”.

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