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VCxray Presents New Universal X-Ray System

VisiConsults NDT division VCxray has launched a new product line during the ASNT Annual conference especially designed for rough production environments. At launch it comprises of two system types but will be expanded in the near future.

The new product line stands out through its no-frills design for highest cost-benefits ratio “This is why we named it ECO Line to highlight its economical nature. Furthermore, this product line corresponds to a universal concept for many industries, applications, and requirements,” explains Jason Robbins, Head of Sales.

The two system models that are available within the product line are the ECO C., that comes with a C-Arm, and the ECO R., that inspects test parts with a robot.

The ECO C. is a universal X-ray system for manual and semi-automatic inspection tasks. It is suitable for small and big parts due to the flexible C-arm and large inspection envelope. A broad variety of options are available to upgrade the system and it can also be equipped with Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) and Computer Tomography (CT). For traceability Barcode, RFID and DMC readers can be integrated. Lennart Schulenburg, General Manager, highlights “The ECO C. is focused on the very essential. Customers can rely on a robust design and full CNC capability for automated inspection sequences.”

The customer will benefit of the easy movement of the cabinet on the shopfloor. As soon it arrives at the factory it is ready to use. Operators will appreciate the ergonomic console and a comprehensive image processing software suite as well as inspection sequences and macros.

The ECO R. is optimized for ADR operation. Inside the cabinet, a robot is used for fast and precise inspection. Customers can expect high throughput and degree of automation. Loading is possible by operator or through an additional robot. A rapid changeover between parts occurs by a universal and exchangeable part table. It is possible to inspect large parts or several smaller parts at once. The system is optimized for ADR operation and can be integrated into factory IT (MES/ERP) systems.

All ECO Lines systems run with the proven VisiConsult image processing and control software with different user levels (operator, supervisor, service). The LiveFilters ensure a real-time image enhancement (similar to Flash or HDR filters). All software functions can be automated using inspection sequences and macros.

Jason Robbins notes: “The first systems are already delivered and we are very happy about the feedback from the market.” Reason enough for VCxray to continue developing more system for the ECO Line Lennart Schulenburg tells “The positive response from the market fuels the passion of our design department, so they are almost done with the third system and I am sure we will announce it soon.”

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