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VCxray Launches X-ray Operating System For Non-Destructive Testing

VCxray (a division of VisiConsult) has introduced a comprehensive X-ray Operating System named x.OS at the Control exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. The origins of VisiConsult were based on the development of innovative software solutions for industrial X-ray inspection. This success led to strong growth in the field of machinery and automation, and has since resulted in decades of experience in solving various customer needs and industry challenges.

VisiConsult’s NDT division VCxray now presents an innovative software ecosystem that is both comprehensive and configurable at the same time. This modular approach can be used as separate offline applications or can be configured as an interconnected online solution – and virtually everything in between.

“No matter if it is a standard cabinet or a customized system, the software remains the foundation of every solution. One goal of VisiConsult has been to provide a consistent user experience no matter what the system looks like, while connecting with ERP systems, other X-ray machines, and implementing modern tools to optimize the user experience.” explains VCxray Head of Sales, Jason Robbins. 

Modular and Configurable Approach

System operators work with the control software ‘VC.control’ to run or automate the X-ray system. ‘VC.acquire’ is a versatile acquisition software for 2D X-ray images or 3D CT projections that includes many measurement and image processing features. Other colleagues in the office can evaluate and interpret the data directly via ‘VC.reco’ for CT scans or ‘’ for analysing and interpreting 2D images.

All of these tasks can be accomplished without the necessity of being in the same place because all of the modules are connected to each other locally or via the cloud. The inspection process can also be shared between different facilities worldwide. Using the ‘VC.server’, the remote evaluation team can access all data within the ‘’. This is also the place where data is archived for long-term storage.

Quality Managers or operators can use the ‘VC.dashboard’ on the shopfloor to get an overview about the status of the different inspection projects, the status of each part and any other KPIs. Customers with a fully automated X-ray inspection system will benefit from the ‘VC.planner’ module where supervisors can easily develop or edit programs and techniques for their systems. They can perform this task offline, and then send the new inspection programs to the ‘VC.control’ module without causing any machine downtime. It is important to note that these steps do not require any special programming knowledge.

All of this is now possible with the new software family from VCxray – a modular approach that can be configured for any situation. For inspectors, the x.OS offers maximum comfort and efficiency through seamless integration of all parts.

Pioneering Implementation of Industry 4.0 within NDT

Lennart Schulenburg is convinced about the positive impact of the x.OS for VisiConsult’s customers, and attributes the smooth development to the new company structure: “We recently launched the division brand VCxray, dedicated to the NDT field, and it has already accelerated our development of game changing innovations like the x.OS. It doesn’t stop here – we will see significant additions to the digital solution portfolio very soon.”

Amongst other innovations, NDT experts can look forward to more high-end CT applications, Digital Twin integrations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, as well as Cloud-based Technology. VisiConsult is positioning itself as an industry leader and is pioneering the implementation of Industry 4.0 within NDT.

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