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UVeye Expands Product Suite To Vehicle Interior Inspections

UVeye, a pioneer in the development of automated vehicle-inspection systems for the auto industry, has recently secured $100 million in additional funding to support major new sales and manufacturing initiatives in North America. Following on from the recent investment round UVeye has launched its latest innovation: Apollo. The addition of this new product now results in UVeye offering a comprehensive, fully automated vehicle inspection system that leaves no aspect unchecked – including vehicle interiors.

UVeye has already established a reputation with their existing vehicle inspection products. These innovations have redefined the possibilities of underbody, tire, and exterior inspections. Now, with the arrival of Apollo, UVeye completes the full suite, introducing an interior inspection product that will reshape the industry’s standard of comprehensive inspections.

Apollo allows the gaining of a comprehensive understanding of a car’s interior through 360° images, accessible at a user fingertips. Apollo empowers users to easily explore every aspect of the interior of a vehicle, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. Additionally, Apollo fully integrates on-board diagnostic codes, using the OBD-II port, into UVeye condition reports resulting in an even more comprehensive understanding of a vehicle. This access to diagnostic information provides insights into a vehicle’s health and potential issues and can instantly be shared with car owners for full transparency.

User Friendly Mobile App 

To further enhance the inspection experience, UVeye has developed a user-friendly mobile app for Apollo. Compatible with Android 10 or iOS 12 and later, the app automatically uploads the car’s information and allows service professionals and car owners immediate access to the inspection results wherever convenient. With just a few taps, users can initiate the inspection process, and automatically upload images and OBD-II codes ensuring a streamlined and convenient experience.

“Apollo is a testament to UVeye’s commitment to revolutionizing vehicle inspections. Through a comprehensive suite of systems, UVeye continues to raise the bar for safety, trust, and transparency. Customers can now easily gain a view of their vehicle’s condition, inside and out. As the automotive industry embraces this new era of inspections being led by UVeye, the roads become safer, and customer satisfaction rises throughout the industry” states Amir Hever, UVeye Co-Founder & CEO.

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