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Updated Tool Presetter Allows Networked Measurements

KELCH has launched a new and extended version of the horizontal KENOVA set line H343, a networked tool presetter with many additional options. The new design for tool identification and tool measurement is optimised for successful mid-budget automation and networking. It is therefore also suitable for process optimisation, for the introduction of Industry 4.0 processes into small and mid-sized companies or for integration into a smart factory.

“The new version of the unit means that we are offering professional tool presetting and measurement options to entry-level users for the first time. Up to now, these options, including manual to full-CNC automation, were only available with the PREMIUM line,” explains Viktor Grauer, member of the Executive Board and Head of Innovation Management at KELCH.

A high number of configuration options coupled with the use of the high-precision KELCH MPS spindle offer excellent precision and flexibility combined with a compact design.

~1 µm Repeatability

The KENOVA set line H343 offers a versatile table layout for diverse tool holders. It enables convenient positioning of the axes by a pneumatically released quick adjustment mechanism and endless fine adjustment. The horizontal construction of the unit permits convenient tool measurement and presetting of turning tools or long-rotating tools with exchangeable cutting inserts. The swivel table is also ideal for special holders, including Göltenbodt, Index or Traub holders. It also aids fast exchange and achieves ~1 µm repeatability with positioning. The basic construction of the KENOVA set line H343 is made of solid, durable and thermostable grey cast iron composite. Apart from its excellent precision, this also guarantees excellent durability and sustainability with tool presetters. When using the MPS spindle, companies can also use modules from other units in the KENOVA set line series.

Fully Connectible Software

The KENOVA set line H343 can be used either with the EASY software supplied for the complete range of functions or with CoVis software for simple applications. EASY software enables the tool presetter to be fully connected to import and export interfaces. Communication with all external systems is also possible.

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