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Updated Mighty Scope USB Digital Microscope Released

Convenient and sophisticated, Aven’s Mighty Scope 5M USB Digital Microscope features a plug-and-play USB interface for an easy computer link, as well as adjustable magnification, image and video capture, a large working distance, and a broad magnification range of 10x to 200x.

Operators will experience reduced fatigue and increased productivity by viewing clear magnifications on a monitor rather than hunching over traditional microscope eyepieces. The powerful scope also includes dimmable illumination an adjustable stand, as well as advanced software for image capture, annotation, and measurement, freeze frame, and compare mode –  making it an essential tool.

Mighty Scope Digital Microscope built-in features include snapshot button for instant image capture, light adjustment knob for controlling the illumination of 8 onboard SMD LED lights and a focus wheel with adjustment markers allowing users to obtain a crisp, focused image at any magnification range. An optional diffuser attachment is designed for use with shiny or reflective objects. The diffuser spreads light over the object below for soft and even illumination.

The Mighty Scope includes free download of MicroViewer PLUS software optimized with all the features needed for professional inspection including image/video capture, measurement, line, angle, and circle drawings/measurement and grid overlays.

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