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Unleashing The Power of Data Networks

Following its partnership with the UK’s University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), digital tech company Razor has made available the ‘Do you know your data network?’ whitepaper that delivers learnings so far from the landmark Factory+ open framework project.

The whitepaper has been written by Razor’s Head of Data, Analytics and AI, Patrick Murray and is the first in a series that looks at the fundamentals of data and how organisations can get their unused AI tools moving in the real world.

The Factory+ framework has united two of Sheffield City Region’s cutting-edge tech organisations to deliver a new, innovative digitisation strategy bringing in emerging AI, machine learning and big data technology. The mission of the framework is to boost the AMRC’s research for manufacturers, from industry titans like Boeing and Rolls-Royce to small local firms, to provide a showcase to encourage organisations to deliver better management of data and their networks.

Ryan Diver, Chief Engineer for Digital Transformation, AMRC, said; “Several billion data points have been captured so far in the University of Sheffield AMRC’s Factory 2050, as part of the Factory+ project and this is only the beginning. The project gives us unparalleled insight into the AMRC’s processes and that is the power of data. The layering of that unique real time insight with historical hindsight gives us something all businesses crave: foresight. This whitepaper is a gateway for businesses to begin to unlock the power of their data, just like we did.” 

“Not all data is good. Often it becomes an overwhelming mess of spreadsheets lost in complicated folder structures or PDFs scattered across desktops,” said Patrick Murray, Razor’s Head of Data, Analytics and AI, and author of the whitepaper.

“Many organisations are more than aware of the benefits of data, but they don’t know where to start or are struggling to make an impact while using it. Our whitepaper has been created from real research into how using data and AI can give us a real insight into understanding how people really work and interact. We’re proud to be able to offer genuine guidance to organisations on how they can harness the power of data and AI tools to create better, more successful and informative decision making and processes.” 

The white paper can be downloaded here.

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