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Universal Hardness Testing and Optical Measurement Technology Combined in One Device

As a universal and unique laboratory instrument, the i3D mBV from Imprintec combines three essential benefits in one device.

First, yield curves and mechanical parameters, such as tensile strength, yield point, can be determined from hardness indentations using the new indentation method according to DIN SPEC 4864. This is done fully automatically and within 30 to 90 seconds. For this purpose, hardness test indentations are measured three-dimensionally and the mechanical properties are then determined with the aid of software algorithms and FEM simulations. Compared to tensile testing, this method is faster, less expensive and can be applied with pinpoint accuracy.

Secondly, the device can be freely configured with regard to standard-compliant hardness testing. The available methods are Brinell, Vickers, Knoop and Rockwell. Options such as the use of an automatic turret and larger load ranges increase the user-friendliness and variability of the tester.

The third benefit is the highly accurate optical 3D measurement of surfaces. The 3D measurements are used, for example, to determine dimensional accuracy, to measure contours and roughness, as well as many other applications. The main advantage of the i3D mBV device is the automatable inspection of different positions of a component, which have to be located and measured individually and very time-consuming with conventional measuring technology. The free positioning of components is made possible by the three motorized axes of the tester. Larger measuring ranges can be combined and conveniently measured by stitching.

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