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Turned Parts Optical Production Measurement Reduces Waste and Increases Productivity

Arcoprofil was founded in the 1970s. This small family business was once involved in the textile industry, but now our focus is the precision mechanical manufacturing sector. The company uses the Grob cold rolling process extensively and the axial forming with a Felss machine, a technique they were first to introduce in Italy. Using this method improved significantly the quality of the spline.

Manual shaft inspection

Working mainly with foreign markets it prompted Arcoprofil to implement more sustainable practices over the last 10 years. In Europe, especially the Nordic countries, there is a high level of commitment in environmental and ecological awareness. The first thing we did when we moved into a new facility was to cover the entire roof with solar panels providing  approximately 35% of the energy consumed when working at full capacity.

Among the investments to reduce waste and increase production efficiency, Arcoprofil chose to invest in a VICIVISION machine for turned parts. With this innovative measuring system, the company has significantly reduced rejects. Anything that is rejected by our machines, resulting from the machining of parts are sorted and recycled back into production as much as possible.

“With the VICIVISION machine I can create programs from scratch ensuring that the operator can check the part and be confident about the work he is doing. By completing these checks, it helps save time and avoid rejects.”

ViciVision Measuring Machine gives Arcoprofil the ability to create a program in seconds. The ease in the process of measuring with a ViciVision not only adds efficiency in production but also allows the operators to be confident about the parts they produce. Arcoprofil also has automation with their ViciVision allowing them to be mostly hands free in the process. Operators previously used a manual method of measuring, a task that was more time consuming, but now ViciVision requires almost no influence from the operator.

Automatic optical spline measurement

“I think the advantage of having a ViciVision Measuring Machine is I can proceed with an entire batch once the measurement is complete. The results are quick and reliable, where obtaining measurements before was time consuming and unreliable.”

Incorporating a ViciVision Measuing Machine in their facility has allowed them to focus more in different areas in their company such as recruitment. Finding personnel in this job market can be difficult, but like all obstacles Arcoprofil believes it is an opportunity for new ideas and innovation.

“In response to this issue, we have thought about building an Academy for mechanical operators. If you enjoy the job you are doing you have a desire to bring creative ideas to the company and to your colleagues because you can express yourself freely. This leads a plurality of new ideas influenced by different perspectives which is the true added value of Arcoprofil”.

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