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TruMotion Rotary Table Delivers Lab Standard Accuracy onto Production Floor

RPI UK, a leader in precision rotation and angular positioning, will launch the TruMotion rotary table at the upcoming Control 2022. TruMotion verifies small or medium circular parts with a world class accuracy more commonly seen in the standards laboratory.

Manufacturers in the high precision and general machining industries will be able to check roundness to the required accuracy of any turned or ground parts. TruMotion is operated manually and enables the inspection of circular components such as pinions and gears, gauges, bearings, aero engine components and optical assemblies in a production environment.

It will be used to measure small and medium sized round parts, with dimensions of up to Ø400mm x 220mm high weighing up to 50kg. TruMotion has a radially adjustable articulated probe holder and an axial and radial bearing performance of less than 1micron.

Peter Marchbank, MD of RPI, said: “Precision engineering companies, from global producers to small machining workshops, will now be able to easily verify and inspect small and medium sized circular parts with the required accuracy.”.”

RPI grew out of acquisitions from Optical Measuring Tools, Airmatic, Horstmannn and Eimeldingen. It is now one of the world’s largest designers and manufacturers of solution driven, highly accurate inspection systems and services that measure circular geometry and angular positioning.  Using its 75+ years of rotary expertise, RPI supplies progressive engineering industries, including the aerospace, gas turbine and dimensional metrology sectors, with exceedingly dependable, low maintenance products with a service life measured in decades.

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