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Time-of-Flight Camera Provider Partners with Han’s Robot

Vzense Technology has announced a partnership with China’s Han’s Robot, a renowned player in the Chinese robotics sector. The partnership between Vzense and Han’s Robot marks a significant milestone in the fields of robotics and advanced imaging technology. As a leading provider of robotic systems, automation, and artificial intelligence, Han’s Robot has chosen Vzense as their preferred ToF camera provider. This strategic alliance capitalizes on the strengths of both companies, enabling them to jointly develop groundbreaking robotic solutions that push the boundaries of innovation.

Shaping Future of ToF Cameras

Vzense Technology has emerged as a frontrunner in the development and production of cutting-edge ToF 3D cameras. Its unwavering dedication to excellence has allowed it to reshape imaging systems by harnessing the principles of measuring light travel time. This technology enables Vzense to achieve unparalleled 3D depth sensing camera and 3D imaging capabilities and is committed to pushing the boundaries of computer vision and human-machine interaction, spearheading transformative innovations across a wide range of sectors.

Vzense ToF (Time-of-Flight) cameras can provide additional depth images and point clouds beyond traditional 2D cameras, which can be widely used in automation fields to provide an accurate visual guide to robotics, AGV and AMR. Vzense ToF cameras have found applications in gesture recognition, facial authentication, object tracking, and indoor mapping, revolutionizing user experiences and redefining industry standards.

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