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Taking Automated Visual Inspection To Next Level

INSPEKTO has introduced it latest S70 software release offering more intense user-centered advantages, amplifying the control users have over their quality assurance process. The fastest version yet the release offers increased camera control and a support center built-in through which users can easily monitor an inspection system’s health.

Simulate Inspection

The addition od Simulate Inspection function is of immense value in time savings and a safety net as users can now validate any changes executed in the profile by testing their changes on images captured in past inspections. With Simulate Inspection, users can see performance comparisons between two versions of the same profile, allowing to validate the changes without the need to test new parts.

Imaging Mode Selector

The system’s new Imaging Mode Selector allows users to view the inspected part in all of the different imaging modes available by the S70. The system automatically recommends the preferred mode, but users can now select any other available mode, and also to create new modes manually.

Advanced Anti-Reflection 

A leap in INSPEKTO’s Anti-Reflection technology with the new version including a new anti-reflection imaging mode that is highly effective in creating crisp, reflection-free images of even the most complicated parts. The new function makes it possible to seamlessly inspect these parts for visual defects, even in challenging environments.

Profile Optimization

With Profile Optimization, users can easily receive online support in optimizing a profile when special challenges arise or you’re in need of another opinion or seak support. Drop-in-replacement optimized profiles by Inspekto’s support team is completed remotely to answer any special challenges encountered.

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