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Stereo Microscope Combined With Deep Reality Viewer Launched

Vision Engineering has announce the launch of an innovative new product combining its breakthrough 3D HD Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) with Nikon Metrology Europe’s SMZ25 & SMZ18 stereo microscopes to create a new, innovative, hybrid high zoom and high magnification, digital 3D high definition stereo imaging system.

The higher magnification digital 3D inspection solution adds to Vision Engineering’s range of innovative and ergonomic inspection microscopy systems and offers the largest optical zoom ratio of 25:1 available in stereo microscopy today.

Users are now able to view their subject in stereo digitally via Vision Engineering’s Deep Reality Viewer (DRV), and then capture and share the digital stereo image to colleagues, supply chain partners, or customers anywhere, in real time.

This solution represents a significant product combination between two of the world’s leading microscopy innovators in their respective markets and extends coverage into the global inspection market.

Paul Newbatt, Vision Engineering’s Group Sales and Marketing Director said “We are delighted to be working with Nikon Metrology Europe products to create a ground breaking new DRV inspection solution. Adding Nikon’s SMZ25 & SMZ18 compatibility to our DRV and already wide ranging inspection microscopy product range further confirms our position as a leading provider of innovative, ergonomic inspection microscopy solutions in the electronics and precision engineering sectors”.

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