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Speeding Up Wafer Measurements

GBS, a leading company in optical 3D sensors based on coherence scanning (white-light) interferometry, has announced that it now offers complete wafer measurement systems configured for use under clean room conditions. 10 GigE cameras and real-time evaluation on state-of-the-art GPGPUs with a computing power of approx. 100 CoreI9 PCs accelerate the measuring process. This allows the user to scan more wafers, more positions per wafer or larger areas compared to alternative sensors. The system software allows full automated measurement and evaluation processes.

Standard granite portals are available for wafers up to 300 mm diameter. Compatible sensors as the smartWLI dual, the smartWLI next, the smartWLI compact and the smartWLI nanoscan are available with high-speed cameras up to 935 fps, a resolution up to 5 MP and provide a topography reproducibility down to 0.03 nm for single scans with a spatial sampling down to 0.03 µm. The motorized z – axis allows the compensation of heights up to 50 mm and systems are optional available with an automated tip tilt and different light sources for various application.

System builder can integrate the sensors easily into their own measuring station. The SDK allows the access to all necessary sensor functions. The high speed sensor components doesn’t only allow faster measurements but reduce the impact of environmental conditions as vibration and temperature drift.

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