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Software Program To Increase Efficiency In CT Image Interpretation

Heat map of accumulated defect locations

North Star Imaging (NSI) has introduced efX Assisted Defect Recognition (ADR) software allows system owners and operators a method to pre-screen images utilizing advanced image processing algorithms. The software offers a simple and intuitive user interface that users can easily set-up and integrate into their production workflows for automatic processing.

Users can inspect high volumes of products and increase the reliability of interpretations. This reduces labor costs as defects can be quickly detected and identified by the software and increases throughput and repeatability. This also frees the operator’s time for other relevant testing needs.

efX-ADR can be integrated with the efX software suite including, (NSI’s) Production Module and analyze computed tomography slices. This software is compatible with other many image formats and is even compatible with competitive acquisition systems.

Application examples include castings, weldments, braze and solder joints, assembly verification and battery assemblies.

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