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Software Module for Standardizing AM Machine Health Data Logs Launched

Sigma Additive Solutions, Inc., a developer of quality assurance software to the commercial 3D printing industry, has announced that it is releasing a beta version of the PrintRite3D Machine Health module. This new solution marks the beginning of the company’s software-only approach to quality assurance by allowing users to take disparate machine log files and standardize them. Built upon Sigma’s PrintRite3D monitoring and analytics technology, the company is creating a framework for connecting and standardizing distinct sensors and images into a cohesive product suite.

Features of the new solution include:

➤ A path to scale for integrated sensor fusion of camera, thermal camera, melt pool data, and more

➤ Ability to link machines by API or upload all machine sensor .csv log files

➤ Creation of a common standards-based file format for analytics, visualization, and reporting, agnostic of machine type

➤ A single cohesive environment for all in-process quality data, customizable to unique production requirements

➤ Deep insight, analytics, and reporting of machine sensor data

➤ Dashboard visualization showing key metrics

“This is an exciting announcement, not only for Sigma, but for the entire additive industry,” remarked Jacob Brunsberg, Sigma’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He added, “Today, proprietary quality control approaches of various additive machine manufacturers often lead to inconsistency in quality assurance across manufacturing operations. The objective of the initial module, and all future modules, is to help drive a standards-based approach to additive manufacturing, allowing users to gain consistency across their sites and supply chains. Allowing users to take disparate machine log files and standardize them is an important first step in connecting distinct sensors and images into a cohesive product suite.”

“A truly holistic approach to quality is just what the industry needs,” stated Ivan Madera, Chief Executive Officer of Morf3D.As a member of the Sigma Additive Product Advisory Council, I am thrilled to have early access to the launch of the Machine Health and future modules, and to put them to work in our facility. Standardizing machine logs will streamline processes and advance digital quality workflows. Having a single interface, streaming data from all connected machines, moves the industry forward into a digital future and away from hours of work from manually collecting, converting, processing, and analyzing all the individual aspects of quality.”

Darren Beckett, CTO of Sigma, added “Sensor fusion – conjoining data types – will provide improved confidence in defect detection, root cause analysis and mitigation, allowing everyone to interpret control charts and other data types/sources uniformly. Our engineering team has spent over 10 years developing the technology to provide a framework for standards-based data exchange, metrics, and analytics. We are committed to an open architecture philosophy and acting as a third-party agnostic option, connectable to the broader installed base of the additive industry.”

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