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SmartVision Projector Automates Dimensional Measurements

The new Smart Projector Quattro Pro, suitable for automated dimensional measurement tasks, has been added to SmartVision Metrology’s  Smart Projector Series range of digital video measurement systems. Smart Projector digital video measurement systems, available in twelve models, can automatically measure component dimensions using SmartVision’s optical and image processing technologies. By analyzing the image taken from a component, detecting the edges of the characteristics at high speed, both accurately, objectively and repeatedly, it is possible to quickly measure components with simple and complex characteristics with up to 16000 checking points.

With the growing demand for mechanical and micromechanical precision components, as well as the increase in the number of electronic components in automotive industries, digital video measurement systems need to measure more components at a higher speed in automated production lines.

The Smart Projector Quattro Pro offers an innovative optical zoom lens solution. Changing the Field of View by software, the machine allows four different magnifications solutions making it ideal for small and medium components or for loading several components.

All models of the Smart Projector Series are available with a wide range of dedicated accessories and hardware/software options, offering a choice of machines depending on the applications and the customer’s installation environment. In addition, thanks to the Smart_Automation_Suite (optional I/O Module), several Smart Projector systems can be fully integrated into a production line, with remote real-time monitoring.

Multi-Touch Software Control

The user-friendly software, offers DXF overlay and FOV capability expanded with Multi-Touch logic allows for one-touch feature measurements as well as versatile pan and zoom of the live video image and the active part view increasing the efficiency of feature measurements, feature data manipulation, and reporting tasks with a simple pinch zoom, swipe pan, or double click.

Accurate Measurement Data

Smart Projector carry out objective, accurate and repeatable measurements in real-time and promptly provides the result with a simple Pass (green) / Fail (red) semaphore output displayed on the screen, without any contribution, influence or technical interpretation from the operator, ensuring a full automatic evaluation and reporting of all control activities data in compatible and ready-to-print Excel compatible files and PDF with image.

Efficient Industrial Device

Smart Projector is compact, rugged, static, fanless without moving parts and its protected analysis chamber prevent influence from external light and dust. Expressly designed for usable in any industrial environment with a heavy duty cycles, it does not need recalibration, manual focusing or collimation.

For more information: www.smartvision