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Smart Vision Camera Uses Deep Learning AI

Imago Technologies has recently launched Vision Cam AI.go, A smart vision camera that allows users to “just press the button and the camera is smart – automation engineers have been dreaming of this for decades and now, with the smart deep learning camera a dream comes true states the company.

The product is made possible by a cooperation between IMAGO Technologies and Oròbix, both members of the Antares Vision Group. The embedded AI camera Vision Cam AI.go benefits from IMAGO Technologies’ long-standing expertise in deep learning hardware components and Oròbix’ software experience in the fast-moving AI field.

A Smart Product of Collaboration

When machine vision tasks are difficult to formalize, vision systems based on Deep Learning are usually the only choice. Vision Cam AI.go is designed primarily for end users who have little or no experience in programming or image processing.

The Vision Cam AI.go has all the features required for easy and fast implementation of image processing solutions based on Deep Learning. The device is designed to classify objects into two to five classes. With no programming required and supported by an intuitive web GUI, users can teach Vision Cam AI.go by simply telling the camera a set of images. After that, the smart AI camera learns new images completely on its own. No GPU computers are needed for this, nor is sensitive data outsourced to a cloud. Within minutes, the system is ready to be used as a fully functional inspection system.

Application Possibilities Limited Only By User’s Imagination

A simple example: chocolates in different shapes and flavors are to be packed into the designated space in a box of chocolates. The Vision Cam AI.go ensures that each position in the box of chocolates contains a chocolate of the correct type.

If the task becomes more complex, for example, that the image classes are not so easily distinguishable, or more image classes are needed, Oròbix offers optional engineering services. The AI experts modify the Deep Learning models, optimize them for the smart camera and tune everything according to the project requirements.

Carsten Strampe, CEO of IMAGO on the cooperation with Oròbix: “Thanks to the Vision Cam AI.go, Deep Learning becomes suitable for everyday use. With the AI camera, IMAGO Technologies and Oròbix demonstrate the ability to offer a highly flexible, fully embedded Deep Learning based vision system that will inspire practitioners.”

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