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Smart Network Interface Cards Offers Efficient High-Bandwidth GigE Vision Acquisition

Matrox Imaging has released Matrox GevIQ, the industry’s first smart network interface card (NIC) offering generic GigE Vision acquisition offload at speeds up to 25 Gigabits/s per port, without any packet loss. With GigE Vision packet processing performed directly onboard, Matrox GevIQ boards enable capture from one or more cameras without any image data loss.

Machine vision applications requiring cameras with a 10+ GigE Vision interface can be challenging; they benefit from a high data transmission rate but suffer from increased demands on the host system, resulting in corrupted or dropped image frames, and increased processing latency. Matrox GevIQ provides a more versatile and widely compatible alternative to proprietary 10+ GigE acquisition solutions. These boards pair readily with currently available GigE Vision cameras, delivering transmission rates up to dual 25 GbE with very little host CPU usage.

GigE Vision is a camera interface standard that delivers rapid image transfer over distances up to 100 m using standard copper, and up to 5,000 m using standard fiber-optic Ethernet cabling. The standard supports physical links from 1 to 25 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). Use of 10 and 25 GbE by cameras are gaining industry popularity as they are ideal for vision applications requiring the utmost imaging speed and resolution.

Matrox GevIQ boards pair with Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X software and include both Matrox Gecho—a logging utility that records events generated by the Matrox GevIQ device driver and saves these to a JSON or CSV file for viewing in Google Perfetto—and Matrox Capture Works, a utility that allows users to rapidly evaluate the performance and functionality of virtually any GigE Vision-compliant camera or 3D sensor.

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