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Siemens Granted First Certification Using Digital Modeling and Simulation

UL Solutions, a leader in applied safety science, has announced its first certification using a digital model of the product being tested, granted to technology company Siemens, a milestone that has potentially wide-ranging implications for product innovation and speed to market.

UL Solutions digital modeling and simulation services are building a more efficient pathway for product design and certification by using verified and validated digital models alongside physical tests. This process results in more precise insights and the need for fewer product prototypes.

“This first certification marks a tremendous milestone in the testing, inspection and certification industry and for our customers globally as we carry out our mission of working for a safer world,” said Jennifer Scanlon, president and CEO of UL Solutions. “Digital modeling and simulation have enormous potential to shape the future of product development and certification. These services can help customers reduce time to market and product lifecycle costs while increasing the precision of technical insights into safety, performance and quality that drive innovation.”

UL Solutions modeling and simulation services use a proprietary verification and validation process to establish the credibility of the model for compliance. Modeling and simulation are especially efficient for components and end products that are challenging to test due to size, complexity or number of design variances. Plus, using previously validated models in new designs adds confidence early in the product design process.

“Modeling and simulation-based services particularly provide added value for customers’ modular designs and product platforms consisting of many design variances,” said Weifang Zhou, executive vice president and president of Testing, Inspection and Certification at UL Solutions. “This added value can also be realized through the reduction of prototypes and effort to physically test them as well as reduced risk of a delayed market launch due to noncompliance late in the development process.”

Revolutionizing Product Certification

Traditionally, product certification demanded exhaustive physical tests, often subjecting a single product to a battery of assessments. Simulation based on the digital twin is the answer to the special challenge and cost factor of test units and certified laboratories when high power electronics components are involved. Siemens and UL Solutions, however, introduced a paradigm shift. A product may not need to undergo every test physically; instead, the process can integrate the power of Siemens’ digital twin technology. UL Solutions spearheads this transformative approach, navigating the certification process with unmatched expertise.
By harnessing the power of digital simulations, Siemens is ushering in an era in which traditional testing boundaries are being transcended and product insights can be gained with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The future of certification will be characterized by reduced costs, accelerated time-to-market, and seamless integration of digital modeling tools. Comprehensive digital twins are becoming the cornerstone for not just helping to meet compliance requirements, but also driving innovation at high speed without compromising safety, performance or quality.
In Siemens’ pioneering venture into the industrial metaverse, the demarcation between physical and digital spaces is becoming increasingly indistinct. The resulting combination is fostering a dynamic environment conducive to innovation. The first certification of an industrial product – the “SINAMICS G220” to be precise, a sophisticated system that enables precise control and efficient operation of electrical drives in various applications – leveraging Siemens’ comprehensive digital twin is a compelling demonstration of the industrial metaverse’s potential to usher in unprecedented possibilities for product development and other engineering tasks.
“Siemens’ digital twin technology is rewriting the rules of innovation,” said Cedrik Neike, a member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and CEO of Siemens Digital Industries. “This collaborative effort with UL Solutions is a testament to our dedication to a future in which innovation knows no bounds. It invites industries and innovators alike to explore the limitless possibilities that comprehensive digital twins offer for shaping the future of product development.”

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