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Shock and Vibration Measurement Company Acquired By PPT Group

Lansmont Corporation, a world leader in Shock and Vibration measurement systems and monitoring instrumentation, has been acquired by the Physical Properties Testers (PPT) Group. This latest acquisition will see Lansmont join forces with Alluris, James Heal and Mecmesin as part of the PPT Group – a group of brands expert in the design and production of testing instrumentation and quality control technologies.

Lansmont based in Monterey, California, is known for innovative shock and vibration measurement and testing technology it supplies to the world’s leading companies, government laboratories and educational institutions.  Since 1971, engineers around the world have relied on Lansmont technology to discover product vulnerabilities, design optimized protective packaging, and ultimately find the perfect balance between a product’s intended environment and its durability. In turn, Lansmont customers reduce damage and improve quality while supporting sustainability.

The company has two main business lines: vibration, shock, compression, drop and impact testing equipment for quality control and a range of field to laboratory monitoring instruments. It has an exceptional heritage as market leader in its core markets, including aerospace & defence; automotive; civil engineering; medical; packaging and transportation.

John Page, PPT Group Managing Director comments “Lansmont are the perfect fit for the PPT Group. We share synergistic end markets and the extensive product ranges complement rather than compete. Lansmont are strong in North America where the PPT Group sees significant growth potential, while Lansmont will benefit from the strong EMEA & APAC sales and marketing infrastructure that has been the core of the PPT Group business for many years. The combined operation will now be able to offer end-to-end testing solutions, unrivalled by any other industry providers.”

“This acquisition expands the testing capabilities of the PPT Group portfolio and will significantly contribute to our vision of a multi-branded global platform that can provide high quality testing solutions across all standards, materials and applications.” says Page.

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