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SHINING 3D Introduces EINSTAR Invisible Light Handheld 3D Scanner

Shining 3D has launched EINSTAR, an affordable handheld 3D scanner, making high-quality 3D data available to everyone. The standard EINSTAR package is equipped with Exstar software, and a lightweight carrying case.

EINSTAR is quipped with three Infrared VCSEL Projectors, two Stereo Depth Cameras and one RGB Camera, EINSTAR can easily capture stable and clear details at fast pace and output high-quality data with color texture. EINSTAR is described as the perfect tool for getting started with 3D scanning or simple and efficient 3D modelling.

“Our mission at SHINING 3D is to make high-quality 3D digitizing technology accessible to a wide range of users and to make it easier for companies and individuals to enter the digital world. With the development of EINSTAR, everyone can digitize the world around them like never before” comments Rebecca Khoo, product manager for professional 3D digitizing at SHINING 3D.

High Quality 3D Data With Texture

EINSTAR quickly and easily captures high-precision point cloud data with point spacings of up to 0.1 mm with scanning speed up to 14 FPS. The built-in RGB color camera provides color representation of the captured 3D data is true to the original.

Detail-Oriented Data Optimization

Built-in enhancement technology optimizes the generated point cloud for full data collection, aids in scanning, and improves data quality. With the three IR VCSEL projectors, two stereo depth cameras and the RGB camera, EINSTAR delivers clear and stable scan results outdoors. This technology can be used to scan large and small objects from different distances.

Thanks to multiple data output formats, EINSTAR is the ideal companion for 3D scanning tasks in a wide range of projects and industries including 3D printing, design, VR & AR unlocking new dimensions of ideas and creativity.

EINSTAR weighs 0.5 Kg with dimension of 220mm x 45 mm x 55 mm.

User-Friendly Invisible Light Scanning

Due to the projector’s invisible light, the scanning process is easy on the eyes. The device offers a smooth and fast scanning experience with helpful features and fast scanning speed. In addition, the scanner has an ergonomic design, offers a clear workflow and offers an easy plug and play set-up.

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