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Shibaura Machine Announce Workpiece Inspection Probing Relationship

Shibaura Machine has announced a partnership with Metrology Resource Group (MRG) to offer integration and application assistance for its customers to add the Renishaw inspection probe system RPM60 product to its vertical turning lathe, horizontal boring mill, and bridge style/double column machine-tools.

As machine tool automation advances, more manufacturers are looking towards the addition of a inspection probing system to help them make a bigger impact on their performance and profitability.

Cost Savings & Quality Improvements

Smart production environments are quickly evolving. The Renishaw probing systems are industry-leading in technology and performance to allow manufacturers to automate their processes as effectively as possible.

Setting a workpiece prior to machining delivers improvements to performance and profitability throughout industries. Reductions in downtime, scrap/rework, and reducing calibration and maintenance costs are some of the initial benefits Shibaura Machine customers have reported. Due to the automation, errors from manual input are reduced and operators are able to focus on proactive engineering roles. Setting a workpiece prior to the machine also improves the safety of operators because they no longer need to enter the workzone for manual measurements.

Automatic gauging and first-off inspection offer an additional competitive edge. With adaptive machining, you get process feedback to minimize variation, increasing confidence in unmanned machining. First-off inspection is available with an automatic offset update which reduces machine downtime normally spent waiting on inspection results. On-machine probing advantages add up to repeatability, process control, with added quality providing a lower overall total cost of ownership and increased competitiveness to be achieved.

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