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Sensor Provides Greater Scan Coverage For Precise 3D Measurements

The recently announced EoSens21CXP2’s large sensor makes it an ideal imaging solution for 3D laser profiling, and opens up high-speed laser triangulation systems with wide scanning coverage for precise 3D measurements.

High-Speed-Laser Triangulation

The EoSens 21CXP2 camera is an ideal imaging solution for 3D laser profiling, and for automated optical inspection. In high-speed laser triangulation, the camera’s large sensor provides greater scan coverage for more precise 3D measurements. It is capable of scanning images with 5120 x 4096 pixel while operating at 230 frames-per-second (fps) resulting in the capture of extremely fine details with excellent accuracy. Utilizing binning increases its signal-to-noise ratio, therefore lowering the required laser power and helping to achieve higher resolutions even when the image is strongly amplified.

In addition to its high speed and impressive image quality, the camera impresses with intelligent functions such as switching between 1, 2 or 4 CoaXPress channels or a controllable fan. These features contribute to the camera’s practicality, as do its compact dimensions and robust metal housing, which enables easy system integration and withstands even harsh industrial environments.

Automated Optical Inspection

In Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), the camera brings all the precision of its 21-megaixel resolution and 4.5 µm pixel size to the challenges of detecting faults in complex PCBs and LED displays. CoaXPress 2.0 enables highest frame rates without latency. Speed, combined with high sensitivity for capturing images with very low noise even in poor lighting, results in greater throughput plus very sharp images.

Environments with significant variations of brightness benefit from the camera’s wide dynamic range.

Detailed Motion Capture

Accurate analysis of moving objects is critical in many applications, including electronics, automotive, motion analysis, life sciences, metrology, and numerous other industries.  Even at high object speeds, the EoSens21CXP2 still delivers sharp images with impressive detail due to its 21 megapixel global shutter sensor.

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