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Sensofar Develops New Lens to Measure Flatness

Sensofar has launched a 0.65x Michelson lens, developed internally by its R&D team, with the challenge being to measure flatness with maximum precision and without having to change equipment. The lens was created precisely for one purpose – to measure flatness in a fast and accurate way. The combination of dense sampling, a large field of view, and the use of interferometry ensures the throughput intended.

Combining three specific elements, Sensofar have achieved optimum performance for flatness, parallelism, and step height characterization.

A high performance XY stage is a key element when the demands of flatness are extremely high. The stage has non-contact optical linear encoders that directly measure the position right at the platform, and with the greatest accuracy. The Sensofar S neox 3D Optical Profiler outperforms existing optical 3D profiling microscopes in terms of performance, functionality, efficiency, and design.

“We are glad to introduce this new lens; a result of the combined efforts of a multidisciplinary team. Departments for optical and mechanical design to algorithmic optimization worked together to achieve the highest performance specification on a large field of view, while still using a microscopy-based interferometer” stated said Roger Artigas, President & CTO.

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