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Sempre Group Appoints New Managing Director

To continue to provide innovative and localised metrology solutions to its customers across the UK and Ireland, industrial metrology provider The Sempre Group, has appointed Jim Mangan as its new managing director. The change in structure will enable The Sempre Group to continue to support its customers by having a business underpinned by great products, knowledgeable staff and attentive service and support.

Jim first joined The Sempre Group in 2019 as chief operating officer, so has an in-depth understanding of the day-to-day running of the company. Jim’s past experience as a managing director and commercial director in other companies has given him vast experience in business development across a range of sectors and managing a growing workforce.

Jim will be taking over the managing director role from the founder of The Sempre Group, Mike John, who will become technical director. Having over 30 years of experience in the industry, Mike will use his knowledge to specifically focus on providing the best metrology solutions for customers and continue to develop customer relationships. He will train and support the applications team to increase their product knowledge so that they can solve any metrology challenge presented by a customer.

“This year has been a positive year of change for The Sempre Group,” explained Mike. “We have seen growth in our Ireland division, we have our new highly experienced managing director to lead the team as we continue to grow, new employees helping expand the company and we are currently undertaking a new office revamp to make the working environment better for our employees. Jim is pushing The Sempre Group to strive forwards with its ambitious plans for the future and create a ‘go to’ culture where our customers will think of us the first time around.”

“2021 is an exciting time of change for the manufacturing industry, as it moves more towards a digitised and automated way of working,” commented Jim. “My new role is not just a title change, but a promise that The Sempre Group is making to its customers to continue to innovate and diversify its offering year on year, allowing them to stay at the cutting edge of metrology technology. Sempre will continue to deliver value to its customers with our tailored metrology solutions, which will improve customer’s productivity and quality.”

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