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Ruby|plate Calibration Phantom Enhances Measurement Positions for Industrial CT

Waygate Technologies has introduces the Ruby|plate 240 calibration phantom for industrial computed tomography (CT). Ruby|plate 240 is available for the Waygate Phoenix V|tome|x C450 CT scanner and is designed to speed up and simplify precision metrology for the inspection of high absorbing and large parts in industries such as automotive, aerospace, additive manufacturing and medical technology.

Ruby|plate 240 features an extremely accurate and effective calibration body to determine the exact voxelsize and thus the correct geometry of the system. It facilitates three times faster and easier CT setup for precision measurement tasks performed with specified accuracy at multiple positions. Moreover, the setup is fully compliant with the internationally recognized VDI/VDE 2630-1.3 guidelines for the CT measurement of highly absorbing and large samples in research and development as well as on the production floors of manifold industry sectors – wherever there is a demand for higher precision and reliability requirements.

The patented Ruby|plate 240 calibration phantom with precision spheres on a ceramic plate allows reliable and reproducible measurements in all directions (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) with a single scan. It provides high-resolution insights to capture any internal surface with the precision of just a few micrometers, thereby allowing operators to detect any deviation quickly and non-destructively in geometry.

The new calibration phantom also has the industry’s largest sphere distance of 240 mm, allowing the specification of a wide range of applications across lab and production environments, such as prototyping, reverse engineering, quality control, production ramp-up, tool correction, dimensional control (e. g. wall thickness analysis), process optimization, post process control, and final assembly control. In combination with the Phoenix V|tome|x C450 CT system, precision measurement of larger parts up to 500 mm in diameter and 1,000 mm in height is now possible with the Ruby|plate 240. Paired with the Phoenix V|tome|x C450, the new phantom enables users to perform VDI compliant precision metrology with a specification of SD ≤ (15 ± L/50 mm) μm.

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