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Rockwell Automation Investment In Elementary To Drive AI Machine Vision Adoption In Manufacturing

Elementary, an innovator in AI-powered machine vision, has announces a significant milestone in its mission to redefine manufacturing automation with its AI-powered vision inspection. Rockwell Automation, a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation, makes a strategic investment, signifying strong support for Elementary’s visionary approach to elevating manufacturing quality standards.

Elementary’s dedication to ‘closing the loop on quality’ has set them apart in the field, leveraging advanced AI algorithms to ensure unprecedented accuracy and consistency in quality assurance processes. This new injection of capital enables Elementary to continue enhancing its product offerings – paving the way for a new era in AI-powered digital transformation within the manufacturing industry.

Rockwell’s recent 9th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing 2024 report, surveyed over 1500 manufacturers around the world and found that ‘quality is the #1 focus for smart manufacturing’ and  45% of those manufacturers surveyed plan to use AI/ML to improve their quality control. With quality being the most prominent application of AI for global manufacturers, Elementary’s vision AI and cloud quality platform is positioned to take advantage of these goals and deliver value alongside Rockwell. This relationship expands Rockwell’s existing AI capabilities across its portfolio and helps customers deliver superior products and services.

“Our customers rely on Rockwell to bring cutting edge AI solutions to market, ranging from improved quality, generative design, more effective operations, and intuitive maintenance, in order to remain competitive,” said Arvind Rao, Vice President, Industry Solutions, at Rockwell Automation. “We believe Elementary’s vision AI, when integrated with our automation, data connectivity and QMS offering, represents a leap forward in delivering an end-to-end closed loop quality solution and we are excited about the value it will deliver to our customers.”

“To have the support of Rockwell Automation—a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation—is a testament to the potential and importance of Elementary’s technology in the ongoing transformation happening with AI for manufacturing,” shared Arye Barnehama, CEO and founder of Elementary. “This partnership ushers in an exciting chapter for us, promising innovation, growth, and the pursuit of excellence in AI-powered machine vision and quality solutions and how they deliver value alongside the top industrial and automation controls platform in North America.”

The investment fortifies Elementary’s resources, boosting its capacity to develop and deploy technologies that drive digital transformation. Elementary’s innovative AI-powered quality solutions combined with industrial control systems enable closed loop quality – preventing future defects by providing feedback. Alongside Rockwell, Toyota Ventures, an existing investor in Elementary, played a key role in the funding round—reaffirming confidence in Elementary’s mission to close the loop on quality.

This strategic collaboration reinforces Elementary’s position as a disruptive force in the smart manufacturing automation sector and sets a clear trajectory for the company’s growth and the industry’s evolution.

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