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Robotic Paint Shop Fault Detection Automation Transferred To Series Production at Porsche

Porsche introduced automatic fault detection in its paint shop at the Leipzig facility which has now been transferred into series production.

The inspection process takes a total of around 100 seconds with two robots scanning the entire outer skin of the body with a light strip pattern in 70 seconds. They shoot around 100,000 photos, in which they recognize even the smallest abnormalities on the basis of reflections. In another 30 seconds, five image processing computers evaluate the results. The position and type of detected abnormalities are displayed to the workers on a 3D visualization of the body within a very short time.

The innovation is an example of the ‘Smart Factory’ and stands for consistently available, secure and well-prepared data and lean, end-to-end planned production. With it, Porsche is pursuing the vision of an intelligently networked factory. The basis is efficient and resource-saving processes – smart, lean and green.

“We are making good progress on the way to the intelligently networked factory,” says Gerd Rupp, Managing Director of Porsche Leipzig GmbH.

The CarPaintVision (CPV) surface inspection system from ISRA Vision detects and classifies all relevant paint defects on car body surfaces. Inspection data is evaluated using proven algorithms and classified according to individual customer specifications. Defect information is immediately available for continuous optimization of the production process.