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Roboflow Raises $20M To Continue Democratizing Computer Vision

Roboflow has announced it has completed a $20 million of Series A funding led by Craft Ventures to expand on its mission to give software the sense of sight.

“We’re immensely grateful for the support from our customers, team, and investors. Our customers drive what we do, our incredible team executes to make it possible, and our investors provide support and capital to capture the full opportunity. To that end, I’m excited to continue working closely with David Sacks as we welcome him to our board of directors commented Joseph Nelson – Roboflow CEO.

“Computer vision is one of those foundational technologies that – like the personal computer and smartphone – will transform every industry. Software is limited by its ability to receive structured information from the world as input, and that structure is traditionally interpreted from the environment via a human brain. Computer vision enables software to directly interface with every part of the world around us, unleashing a Cambrian explosion of new possibilities. It’s helping us merge the physical and digital worlds. That’s why computer vision needs to be a part of every developer’s toolkit, not reserved for a few teams of machine learning experts” further comment Joseph.

Roboflow provides developers the end-to-end platform teams need to create high quality vision models, faster by providing tools for collecting and organizing images and video, annotating, training, deploying models (both via API and to the edge), and closing the active learning loop so the model continues to get better over time as it sees more data.

By combining computer vision with the power of artificial intelligence and robotics, Roboflow can help manufacturers utilize machines to pick, place, assemble, and provide quality control. As a centralized management tool for datasets, Roboflow allows users to deploy, model and scale as more data is collected and easily detect and categorize types of defects, adjust configurations, and experiment with different labeling and training services. Roboflow is specifically designed to create more accurate computer vision models using fewer images.

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