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Rigaku Announces Detector for General-Purpose X-ray Diffractometers

Rigaku Corporation, manufacturer of X-ray analysis and inspection equipment, has launched their new XSPA-400 ER (X-ray Seamless Pixel Array) detector to the global market following a recent successful domestic launch. The XSPA-400ER is a seamless pixel multi-dimensional detector for X-ray diffractometers with high energy resolution suited to battery, steel and ceramic analysis.

Detecting trace crystalline phases using X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements is difficult due to the increased background when measuring samples containing transition metals. The high energy resolution of the XSPA-400 ER suppresses sample-derived background increases, enabling highly sensitive measurement of samples containing transition metals, such as iron and steel materials and battery materials.

The detector is also compatible with 0-, 1-, and 2-dimensional measurements, making it highly versatile and suited to measuring a wide range of samples, from powders and bulk materials to thin films. Intensity-priority mode or angular resolution-priority mode can be easily selected by changing the detector orientation. The XSPA-400 ER detector is available as an option on the flagship SmartLab XRD as well the SmartLab SE and fully integrates with the SmartLab Studio II software package.

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